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Our Specialism is your  difficult Assignment!  >

Affordable! Reliable! A good 60% of our Assignments originate from the office of the Chairman, CEO or FD - for reasons of  confidentiality and because  our assignments are challenging and have, often, frustrated the efforts of other Head Hunters ...  More >
Affordable! Reliable! As a mature, stable team who have worked together for a long time, we are experienced across the board in the UK, USA, Europe, the Middle East (Arab Gulf in particular), Africa and much of Asia.   We are further advised by our “wrinklies”  network of subject matter experts who have vast experience in their particular fields and of life.
Affordable! Reliable! In fifteen years we have never failed to deliver on an assignment.  The nature of many assignments makes this is fairly  significant claim.  We are solutions driven ...  More >
Affordable! Reliable! Our approach is Research based  and relies on creative thinking allied to solid experience.  We do not just recruit - we focus on resourcing solutions and apply ourselves with equal diligence to ensuring the appointment is right for the appointee.
Affordable! Reliable!  We make Head Hunting accessible and affordable so as to make it hardly worth your while to ask your own team to do it.  We have, literally, changed the way that Head hunting is procured, delivered and billed.  
Affordable! Reliable! Our dedicated, in-house Research team and back office operating from India (through a wholly owned subsidiary) support us with plenty of affordable resources and allow us to be flexible about the range of Assignments (skills & salary levels) we undertake - and also to be more competitive in our billing.   More >

Head Hunting at its best - affordable, reliable, discrete, professional & friendly!

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